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Nanjing Amity Ventures Company Limited is a professional venture capital company with a concept of advanced investment. It was established in November 2010. The company was founded by the Nanjing Amity Development Co., Ltd. and Nanjing High-tech Venture Capital Co., Ltd. .

The company has a team of senior professionals who have extensive experience in investment and a strong background in this industry. The Amity team is committed in investing private equity of those unlisted companies with great growth potential and projects of small high-tech enterprises with wider market prospects. They will provide a series of value-added services such as investment management and management consultation before IPO. Whether it’s a short-term investment and capital management or it’s a long-term investment management, the company always upholds professionalism and accountability in its investment and management concept and effectively operating the funds, which will create exceptional economical and social value. They pay attention to Integration of resources in Investment activities and achieving Investment Project sustainable development .

Competitive Advantages

The company’s advantages lie in its strong Shareholders, broad resource platform and innovative business ideas. the company has the full support of its shareholders and operates within a new investment model – a innovative venture. Meanwhile, as a professional investment institution, the company has extensive financing, investment channels and professional management capacities in Venture Capital. It has an even stronger ability in the areas of integration of capital, information and technology resources.

Company Vision

The Amity Ventures strives to become a leading and influential professional venture company with a strong social value.

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